The Right Way To Eat Ribs

What is the Right Way to Eat Ribs?Eating with your hands. Licking your fingers. Smacking your lips. Wiping your mouth with the back of your hand, while you are up to your elbows in sticky sauce. We can only be describing one thing: eating ribs. Is there a right way to eat ribs? Read on for a few pointers that could only enhance your rib eating experience.

Dress for Success

The first rule of eating ribs is never to wear white. We may also recommend avoiding pastels like pink and yellow. Also, make sure your clothes are comfy. Elastic waisted pants allow for plenty of give, and are unrestrictive. And, should you choose to tuck your napkin in your shirt, we would never judge!

Also, make sure your supplies are set up before you dig in. We suggest plenty of napkins and wet wipes. Some rib joints even offer a fingerbowl. Keep everything close, within an arm’s reach. No one wants to be left hanging with their fingers and face covered in sticky sauce.

Dive Right In

Whether you decide to have a non-alcoholic beverage or to imbibe in the perfect complimentary brew, it is imperative to have something to wash it all down. If you want to go the traditional route, sweet iced tea is perfect. But we feel nothing pairs better with ribs than an icy cold beer. However, this is entirely a personal choice.

Now that you are setup, it’s time to dive in. Should you use a fork and knife? Or should you eat with your hands? We are a fan of eating ribs with our hands. It is a part if the whole rib eating experience. Honestly, to truly enjoy this delicious food we recommend you throw all your manners out the window and dive right in. And what food could be more fun or more scrumptious than ribs?

Craving ribs now? Adam’s Taphouse and Grille is famous for our ribs. We feel any way you eat ’em, it is the right way to eat ribs! Come on in and enjoy a lip-smacking, finger-licking, delicious platter today!