Backyard BBQ Tips for Summer

Summer in Maryland is full of enjoying the outdoors. Part of that is having a backyard barbeque from time to time. It’s a great occasion for friends and family to gather. Not to mention we have reason to celebrate, our long winter is finally over! We are ready to enjoy the sunshine. If you are planning a party soon, here are some backyard BBQ tips to make it successful.

backyard BBQ tips - cornhole boards

Cornhole is a Maryland favorite. Are you really from here if you don’t own one?

1. Make Sure to Prep

While going to backyard barbecue parties are fun, it can be stressful to throw one. Unless it is a casual get together, make sure to prepare. It’s helpful to make a list of everything you need first. Decide what you have, what you need to buy, and what others might be able to provide. While you are at it, make a Facebook Event. Seriously. It helps to see the guest list, RSVPs, and message everyone to see who can help out. For summertime, give people a 2-3 week lead time if possible. We all are busy with kids out of school and summer vacations. Having the headcount will help give you an idea of how much food and supplies you will need too. Some things to consider on your list:

  • plates, utensils, serving platters, napkins, and cups
  • drinks (for kids and adults), coolers, ice, bottle openers, and koozies
  • kid games/toys (bubbles, nerf guns, water balloons, etc.) and adult games (cornhole, horseshoe, beer pong, etc.)

2. Plan the Menu

Okay, we know BBQ for sure. You need to decide what kind. Ribs? Pork Butt? Wings? If you want to get real fancy, Adam’s does a whole pig. Then again, don’t try to do something you aren’t comfortable with doing. Our best backyard BBQ tip? Keep it simple. Also throw in burgers, hot dogs, and maybe some bratwursts. Also, don’t forget the sides. This is where you can volunteer friends. People want to help. Consider corn on the cob, salads, drinks, desserts, baked beans, coleslaw… we could go on. No matter what you decide, make sure to have a little extra unless a few more friends come. The more the merrier!

backyard BBQ tips - small grill

Other backyard BBQ tips: If you have a small grill, think about doing kabobs or smaller cuts of meat. Or consider asking a friend to bring another portable one to accommodate more food.

3. Timing is Everything

It’s the day of the party and you are the host/cook. It’s hard to do both. Get help from a friend or spouse. You cook, and they greet. Make sure to prep your meats and food beforehand. That way you aren’t spending the party in the kitchen. When should you start cooking? Depending on when the party starts, commonly around noon, it is best to get to the grill 30 minutes after people start showing up. Start with a mixture of things that take time, like a pork butt, and those that don’t, like hotdogs. That way you have food coming off the grill and not waiting for the things that take the longest. Make sure to have sides or appetizers already put out at the start of the party.

4. Just Have Fun

Honestly, this is exactly what backyard BBQs are for – fun! It’s time to relax, enjoy the sun, and spend time with good people. Don’t be afraid to ask family members to give you a break on the grill. Also, grab a beer for yourself and play a game of cornhole while you’re at it. To avoid any stress, make sure you do all the lawn work and cleaning a week beforehand. That way you just need to handle the food. Although, if you don’t want to do that, you don’t! Adam’s offers the perfect menus for backyard BBQs that are not only a hit but allow you to relax all the more. Whatever you decide, just have fun!

If you are interested in Adam’s Grille taking care of your BBQ needs this summer, contact us today. Also, check out our catering menu options. If you know of any other backyard BBQ tips you would like to share, let us know on our Facebook.