Adam’s Prince Frederick’s Haunted Past (Part II)

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re bringing back the spooky. For those who love a good chill up their spine, we thought it would be fitting to add more insight into the haunted past of Adam’s Grille. If you haven’t heard or spoken of the tale, continue on for a quick refresher. To preview, there are a few creepy paranormal report findings that will give you the heebie-jeebies.

The Haunted Tale

haunted past prince frederick

As mentioned in Part 1, the haunted history of Adam’s began just 40 years ago. Back in the 1970s, a 56-year old man named Douglas Willie Schwab owned a restaurant formerly known as Rustic Farm. Today, we like to call it Adam’s Grille. Back then, Douglas and his wife Nancy Guienot Schwab lived in a home right behind the restaurant. Unfortunately, the couple was known to have a contentious, hostile relationship. And, on the evening of March 5th, 1980, Douglas shot and killed his wife in their home. A few minutes later, Douglas walked into the restaurant and announced his crime. Later, Douglas was charged with murder and sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Now, let’s fast forward to 1993 when Adam’s first opened its doors. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before customers and employees began to notice some strange things happening. Some female servers reported hearing their name whispered while they were alone. And, night managers have said that they felt a presence, as if they were being watched. Even creepier, some patrons have claimed to have seen Nancy sitting at the bar!

The Investigation Begins

On March 23, 2003, the Smithsonian sent paranormal investigators (Paul, Hillary, and Robert) to Adam’s Grille for a paranormal investigation. The goal was to perform multiple readings and tests to determine what type of activity was present. Additionally, they wanted to see if they could make contact with the ghost of Nancy. So, with the help of digital night shot cameras, voice recorders, and an electric and magnetic field meter (EMF), the investigators began their mission at 9 pm. First, they recorded the baseline room temperatures and EMF throughout the building. Below, you’ll find a detailed timeline of their paranormal findings.

Uncovered Paranormal Reports

  • 9:00 PM – Investigators found that the room temperatures remained consistent. However, the EMF meter behaved abnormally in the front room and in the rear room of the restaurant. Specifically, the meter (resting on a table) would spike from a normal level (2) all the way up to 100 during 1-second intervals. This activity would last for several minutes and then return back to the normal level 2. The same phenomenon occurred in the back room.
  • 10:25 PM – Robert took a number of photos. In one instance, the camera malfunctioned twice in the back room and once in the front room. At the bar, the camera flashed too quickly after the button was pressed. Investigators then began an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) session in the dining room. After ten minutes, Hillary heard a loud groan coming from Robert’s direction. And, when Robert asked aloud if Nancy was protecting the women who worked at Adam’s, Hillary agreed that it was likely.
  • 10:40 PM – Hillary left her voice recorder in the front room. Then, after one minute into the recording, Hillary got a high-pitched EVP.
  • 11:00 PM – Robert and Paul went into the back room while Hillary went to the bar area alone. Hillary soon began to speak softly to Nancy. Suddenly, Hillary heard a “whoosh” sound in her left ear, as if something was whizzing past her.

The Legend Continues

Although the investigation could not confirm whether Adam’s is haunted, the investigators did find clear evidence of paranormal activity. Indeed, the haunted past of Adam’s Prince Frederick lives on! So, the next time you visit us for some BBQ and chicken, make sure to look out for the presence of Nancy. But, don’t worry, she’s harmless (as far as we know).