Adam’s Prince Frederick’s Haunted Past

When Halloween creeps around, the spookiness seeps in. There is no end to the ghostly tales. Did you know of Adam’s Prince Frederick’s haunted past? Yes, that’s right. There are many stories told about unexplained occurrences around the premises. Many employees and customers alike have experienced spine chilling moments they could not account for. And, consequently, it is these moments that have lead to the rumors that Adam’s is haunted. But, are these rumors true?

We cannot say for sure if ghosts are real, but there were so many things we could not explain. The experts paid us a visit and conducted a formal investigation. True story. In March of 2003, a team of paranormal investigators arrived at the restaurant with their equipment. They were ready to check out the place and report their findings.

Haunted History

Adam's Price Frederick's Haunted PastSo, here’s the story. Our log cabin was built in 1955. Back in the old days (the 1970’s) a couple owned the property and operated a restaurant called Rustic Farms. The owners Douglas and Nancy Schwab lived in a home right behind the restaurant. As was reported by the local newspaper, The Calvert Independent, the couple had marital difficulties. But, here’s where it get creepy.

The event was on March 5, 1980, at 6:45pm, while the restaurant was open and serving guests. The story goes that the couple was in their home arguing. A few minutes, later Douglas Schwab came into the restaurant and announced that he had shot his wife. Police arrested Mr. Schwab only minutes later after they discovered his wife, dead of a gunshot wound to the head. The courts later convicted and sentenced him to serve 20 years in jail for the murder of his wife.

Adam’s Role in the Story

As a result, the restaurant changed hands many times, until 1996, when we opened our doors. Due to our excitement about the business, we quickly turned the place around. However, emplyees and customers began noticing strange things. Servers have reported hearing their named whispered when they were alone. Another stated that keys worked just fine, but that they couldn’t get doors to open. Patrons have said they sighted Nancy at the bar. Night managers talk about feeling like they were watched, or felt a presence in the room.

The Formal Investigation

On March 23, 2003, paranormal investigators arrived, and around 9 pm started their official inquiry. The investigated the premises and set up their equipment. Throughout the night they said awake to monitor any strange moments. They recorded anything they physically observed. They also created a report with the scientific EMF meters and cameras.

The EMF meter behaved oddly in a front and rear room of the building. When placed on a table there it would spike from a normal reading of 2 to 100, in a one-second interval. The phenomena lasted a few minutes in both rooms. The crew took a number of orb pictures, plus reported instances of unexplained equipment malfunctions at the bar. They recorded they heard strange noises, a groan, and one investigator felt a whoosh like something went whizzing right beside her head.

The Official Report

The official report is inconclusive, and the findings were unclear about whether or not Adam’s harbors a ghost. Therefore, as a result, it is up to you to make the decision! Have you ever witnessed something unusual? Consequently, now you know the tale of Adam’s Prince Frederick’s haunted past. Also, you are privy to the inside joke, if you hear staff, remark, “Nancy did it!”