5 Creative Ways to Repurpose BBQ Leftovers

No one ever likes to see food going to waste. But, sometimes you’ve eaten all the leftovers you can stand to eat! Which is often the case after a big cook-out, holiday party, or gathering with friends and family. And, it’s typical to find yourself with more food than you can handle, even after sending everyone home with a plate of food. So, the next time you find yourself in this position, remember the following ideas to repurpose BBQ leftovers.

1. Turn Leftover Chicken into a Casserole

repurpose BBQ leftovers pizza

If grilled chicken was one of your BBQ leftovers, then you’ve hit the jackpot because the options are endless. All you need to do is cut your leftover chicken into cubes or shred it with a fork. After that, you can use it in any type of chicken-based casserole. All you need is shredded cheese, white rice, and broccoli to make a quick and delicious dinner with minimal effort.

2. Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza Hits the Spot

These days you can find almost anything on a pizza – and BBQ is no exception. If you have some pulled pork leftovers, then get yourself some pizza dough and crank up the oven to 350-375° F. Spread your pulled pork across your crust in a thin layer and top it with shredded cheese (cheddar or jack cheeses are perfect). Then, bake until the crust is a perfect golden brown, and you’re good to go! Even more, you can add a touch of tangy, sweet flavor with a simple homemade BBQ sauce. Here’s how.

3. Leftover Burgers Can Become Quick Nachos

Hamburgers are a staple at almost any cook-out or barbecue. And, needless to say, you’re likely to find extras after the party is over. If you’ve found yourself with a bunch of uneaten burger patties, then you’re in luck. Cooked hamburger breaks apart easily, so start off tonight’s dinner by crumbling up the meat. Then, heat it up with some melted Velveeta cheese and throw a little salsa in too. Finally, toss that over some tortilla chips and there you have it: quick and easy nachos!

4. Transform Extra Steak into Cheesesteaks

repurpose BBQ leftovers pizza cheesesteak

Now, this one is a little less probable. However, on the off chance that you have leftover steak, prepare for a whole new type of flavor. To start, chop your steak into thin pieces and heat it up in a pan while preheating your oven. Then grab yourself a hoagie roll and some provolone cheese (maybe some Cheese Whiz too!) and build yourself the most epic of sandwiches – the cheesesteak. After a few minutes toasting in the oven, or long enough to melt the cheese, and your Netflix binge-watching companion is ready to serve.

5. Turn Extra Brats and Dogs into Corndogs

Like hamburgers, hotdogs and bratwursts are common BBQ menu items. And, they’re usually inexpensive so you’re likely to have way more than you need. If you’ve got leftover dogs or brats that are threatening to go bad, consider something other than stocking up on buns and ketchup. For this recipe, all you need is a box of corn muffin mix to turn your leftovers into a county fair favorite, corndogs.

Never Waste Your BBQ Leftovers Again – Repurpose Them!

Just when you think you can’t possibly stomach another cheeseburger or pulled pork sandwich, think again. There is no end to the ways you can reimagine your BBQ leftovers. All it takes is a little creative thinking! But, if you’d rather not cook at all tonight, you know where to go. Adam’s can help satisfy your cravings for fresh BBQ and savory sauces once and for all.