Mastering the Art of Making a Sandwich

Mastering the Art of Making a Sandwich

Everyone loves a good sandwich. From the kid in the school cafeteria to the Foodie in the gourmet deli, folks revel in the simplistic to the artistic creation. The art of making a sandwich has a rich history. It takes no real special skills or training, however with a little imagination, the sky is the limit. We love a hearty, meaty sandwich. And, whether you go at sandwich making with the gusto of Scooby, Shaggy, or Dagwood, or you prefer just to slather some peanut butter on white bread, you will appreciate this.

Where it All Began

While probably a fictitious tall tale, the legend dates back to 1762. John Montagu, The Earl of Sandwich, was involved in a gambling-card-playing-marathon. He ordered his butler to put some meat between two slices of bread so that he would not have to stop playing or grease up the card with his grimy fingers. And voila! The sandwich was born.

Some people define a sandwich as a filling engulfed in bread or a type of pastry. This definition allows for a broad interpretation, including such delights as the empanada, stuffed pitas, tacos, and wraps. We agree, and feel it unfair, confining a sandwich to bread alone.

A few sandwiches, especially the messy, bursting at the seams belly bombs like a loaded pulled pork BBQ or a stacked burger require proper handling and a stable stance while consuming. Imagine standing, legs spread apart, leaning slightly forward whilst gripping the sandwich in two hands. This is not the kind of sandwich that you nibble on. Nope. So pile it on! Once you start eating, there is not stopping until you finish.

Other Amazing Takes on the Sandwich

   Gobble, Gobble It Up!
Another smart execution for the sandwich offers a way to bring Thanksgiving leftovers together. Imagine, if you will, two pieces of thick sliced bread. Between them rests stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, coleslaw, and gravy. In our mind, this is a culinary masterpiece.

   Start the Day Off Right
Gotta grab breakfast on the go? Yup, the sandwich once again is a dreamy solution. Consider fried, or scrambled eggs, cheese and meat (bacon, sausage, ham, you name it!) topped with grape jelly and ketchup. All on your favorite bread, or inside a wrap. This is an incentive to get out of bed any morning!

   An International Twist
Feeling in the mood for something worldly? How about the classic French Croque Monsieur. A delectable sandwich comprised of ham and Gruyère cheese, dipped in egg batter and fried. Sound too fancy? Why not try a classic grilled American cheese with a bit of ham added.

   A Regional Favorite
A blog about sandwiches would not be complete without mentioning a Real Maryland Original. The Crab Cake Sandwich. This is one sandwich you should not eat anywhere but in Maryland. An authentic crab cake sandwich is lumpy, succulent, and tender. And, most of all, never, never deep fried.

Just like creating any art, the art of making a sandwich is subjective. Each individual has his or her own interpretation of what makes a delicious sandwich. How you build it is up to you. At Adam’s Grille we feel have created some real works of art. We invite you to come on in and try one of our mouthwatering sandwiches. And, hey, we won’t judge if we see you standing and assuming the position as you gobble one of them down.