Eating Healthy at Adam’s Taphouse and Grille

Ok, we get it, we all love comfort food for the taste and texture and how it makes us feel. And, BBQ is on the top of many of our favorite comfort foods list. But, let’s be honest, it may not necessarily be the healthiest. However, you can still enjoy your favorite meals at Adam’s, while sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions. While we offer a variety of healthy salads, sometimes you really want a hearty hot meal. With a few careful menu swaps and choices here are some tips for eating healthy at Adam’s.

How to Eat Healthy at Adam's

Meaty Choices

 Half Chicken Platter- Nothing beats the taste of our smokey chicken. Here’s how you can make the dish healthy:  Remember, skip the skin and use the sauce sparingly instead to savor the flavor of the meat. Choose a couple of the sides from below, and you have a healthy, filling, and delicious meal.

 Grilled Tuna Steak- Tuna is one of the healthiest “meat” choices. It contains a high amount of protein and is low in bad fats. Studies have shown that consuming tuna can lower your risk for health disease. The texture and taste make it a perfect option when you seek a hearty “non-meat” meat.

 Strip Steak- Sometimes you just crave a good steak. Nothing beats a good ole meat and potatoes meal. You can enjoy a strip steak while trying to maintain healthy eating practices. Once again, pair it with the side dishes we mention below for a satisfying meal.

 Naked Brisket or Pulled Pork- You can enjoy these two types of meat, however, please note, we say, “naked.” If you are going to choose these kinds of meat, instead do it to enjoy their flavor and avoid saturating them in a sauce.

 Mix Grill Platter- Undecided, or looking to try a variety? Consider sharing our Mix Grill Platter. You and a friend can get to enjoy a healthy combination of Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp.

The Best Side Dishes

 Green Veggies- Honestly, any green veggie will do: green beans, broccoli, or collard greens. All pack a vitamin punch including vitamins K, A, C, and manganese. Plus, they are loaded with fiber and are typically low in calories and very filling.

 Baked Beans- Beans are packed with protein, fiber and are an excellent source of energy. While they are considered a little high in sugar, they could be a well-balanced choice when craving comfort food.

 Apple Sauce- A wonderful compliment to smokey meats, applesauce, is a delicious option. It is low in calories and an excellent source of soluble fiber, which helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

 Baked Potatoes- A large naked baked potato has virtually no fat. It provides 60 percent of your daily value of vitamin D and 45 percent of Vitamin C. It also contains B-6, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, and iron. Be careful, however, to not load it with fattening toppings like bacon, cheese, and sour cream. Opt for a small pat of butter to add a little flavor.

Rules To Live By

While trying to eat healthy in any restaurant, there are a few rules you can always follow.

 Skip the rolls and cornbread.

 Avoid Mac-n-Cheese or other Creamy Pastas.

 Pass on the fried food like fried chicken and french fries.

  Order alternate sides to creamy salads like potato and macaroni salad, and coleslaw.

  Follow the 2-bit rule. Fitness gurus and dieticians say the first and last bite of something are the best. So stick to the two bite rule…that way you are getting the best two bites, the first and last.

In conclusion, you can make smart choices while dining out. If you need more options or have questions about eating healthy at Adam’s, please do not hesitate to ask. We will honor any special request.